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Press Reviews

“Bitter Pill; America and Healthcare in America” was nominated for two Michigan EMMY awards for best Cinematography and Music in 2013

“Bitter Pill” is actually a better effort than Moore’s investigation of the healthcare system, 2007’s “Sicko.”

Michigan physician cures our ailing health care system with documentary “Bitter Pill”!

Without a single-payer system, the film argues, the improvements brought about by Obamacare do little to address the greed-driven motives now in control of those who run the health industry’s biggest insurance, hospital, pharmaceutical, and supply companies.

He’s a brain surgeon who can save your life. He also wants to get inside your head to make you think about health care – your own and the system.

He contends healthcare in America is in critical condition and deteriorating by the day.

“I don’t play golf, that’s the key,” he said. “For me, this is the way: when you have passion, you make time.”

Audience Reviews

The film was extraordinary. I’m astounded that a busy neurosurgeon had the time and talent to create such a well done documentary. It not only presented an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of what’s ailing medical access in the US, but provided the logical solution. (Single payer system that provides access for all.) I was also pleased with the emphasis on spending tax money for medical care for citizens as opposed to the destruction of war. I told my fellow board of health members about the film today at our meeting. Our health officer, Mark Valacak was sorry he missed it, but was at the CDC because of the tainted drug that has been causing meningitis deaths. Thanks so much for making me aware if this film. I’m so glad I got to see it. I suspect it will educate many any win awards! Hope you’re recovering with each passing day.

Kay (Kay Doerr)

Thank you for all your hard work with the documentary. I really loved it and share your passion for world peace and dedication to help the poor and sick. You make the world a better place!!

Pam Martin

Thank you for last night’s (free!) showing of Bitter Pill and your remarks. I believe that it is important for this film to be as widely circulated as possible and your are to be congratulated and thanked for having made it. It does three things well: it brings together a number of problems and demonstrates their interrelationship, it, appropriately, raises the level of public indignation, and it shows the nexus between the health care disaster
and the political process. It often takes a “foreigner” to most clearly see national characteristics. I have urged your colleague Dr. Kia to view this film. Namaste.

Richard M. Barron
Chair, Political Comm.
Michigan Chapter
Sierra Club

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