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Dr. Vivekanand Palavali

Past is a dream
Future is a fantasy
Today is the reality

I am epicurean in philosophy, a brain surgeon by profession and a documentary filmmaker by passion. Born in India, I migrated to the USA in 1986 and now I am an American citizen. Naturally inquisitive, I have been curious to figure out the best way to live this one and only life. During residency training at the University of Chicago and practicing neurosurgery for 16 years in Michigan, I dealt with many unexpected tragedies that patients suffer, which made me realize that life is fragile and must be revered and enjoyed to the best possible extent, every day. As a consequence I authored the book, A Mindful Life: A Brain Surgeon’s Personal Experiences and Philosophical Reflections on Living Life Fully.

Passion for documentary filmmaking energized me to travel to eight countries and make my first feature documentary, Creator of God: A Brain Surgeon’s Story and later a short film, One.

Bitter Pill: America and Healthcare in America is my latest documentary about the critical condition that American healthcare is in. All my films have an underlying philosophical theme of humanism and peace.

My belief in love and peace inspired me to found the Humanism and Peace Film Festival in Flint, Michigan in 2011.

I enjoy philosophy, science, oil painting and world travel.